Hollywood (2003)






Corrosion (Koroze)

What happens when it´s quiet
When the quiet begins to lose itself
In between the crevices
Among the confusion
In the footprints in the mud

What happens when it´s cold
When the cold can´t be felt
In the fingers
Among words
In the emptiness of a net

What happens when there´s confusion
And what if the confusion starts to weaken
In between the bustle
Among what is
And what isn´t right

Everything changes to humiliation
In the light of everyday corrosion

Stay within reach
The shadow asks the hand
And holds it by the finger

Stay within reach
The shadow prays: Can you forgive me?

I stumble around
Like a flakg with no markings
A spilled out puddle
Which nothing will ever change

Stay! (please)
Within your own arm reach

( - and turn out the lights !... )

Waves and bells
Bells and waves
Bells and thorns
And waves and waves and...


Swallowing (Polykat)

Swallowing un-mannered spittle - swallowing
Swallowing and pretending there are other ways
Swallowing and keeping the apparitions off your brow
Swallowing what horrifies - lying down in bed

And to sleep

Swallowing evening defenselessness - swallowing
Swallowing and pretending that there´s enough of everything
Swallowing and having no hungry place in the body
Swallowing what is prohibited - lying down in bed

And to sleep


A Bell (Zvonek)

Respecting the silence after the question
Offering what doesn´t exists
So over-easy
So shameless
To be close to absolution



A heap
Cast from memory in our haste
Doesn´t dare make a sound - sleep!
We will be restless minute by minute
We will wake with a start
Side by side

I´ll take away - all I can!
I´ll lock away - all that remains!
I´ll cover what will pour through!
And what will sleep through - I´ll deny! Deny!

A heap
Condemned to eternity
Motionless - bottomless - like foam city
We will sleep restlessly
Side by side
I´ll take away - all I can!

And what will flow away - I´ll shout down!
(What I shout down - I needn´t face...)


After blindness (Poslepu)

After blindness
I feel better!

I don´t see the cross - roads
Happiness or un-happiness
I don´t wear down
My eyes or legs

I don´t rush anywhere
I choke myself with darkness
I float quietly
Darkness leads to darkness

I gaze into the mirror
Touch my teeth
Are they smiling or are they bared?

And I go to the theater
To hand out looks
Looks with no response

In the morning I grope out the window
Whether it´s still morning,
At night whether it´s still night

Everything has its own order
After blindness I´m not sorry
And in the dark I kneel kneeling



The chateau seems like a mirror of contempt to us
But it gained its misfortune from among us
Everyone would like to break through foreign walls
(And brashly therein reside)
Carefully locked within oneself

Nailing oranges to the wall
Reading the future from their juice
Being kind to one´s own words
Not leaving one´s chateau abandoned
To reach at least a little understandin
To stand in open windows after the morning
To look about


Go there I don´t know where bring it I don´t know what (Jdi tam, nevim kam, prines to, nevim co)

I don´t want to touch
My own skin

I don´t want to seek
That which will help me

I don´t want to get in your way
I don´t want to run from you

Nothing will be changed about the fact
And it wont stop hurting
That I want what is not
What I myself
Do not allow

Nothing will be changed about the fact
That I want what is not