Cod liver oil (2003)

 Rybí tuk




Fences´ Feelings (Pocity plotu)

Fences worry about lost plots
They stand their ground
They don’t trust
what they can’t
Fence by fence their tangled plots
The lot of lots of unfenced lots
Plot by plot have lost their thoughts
Can’t be pegged - no empty slots
Fences stand on what they orbit
Touchy-touchy they act as if posing as spears
They fear of what sneaks through them
They stand and stand as life passes by
Over what
do the fences
keep watch?
They are standing
their own yearnings


Sliver (Triska)

The water enwraps itself into the river
It heals its chill against the bottom
It looks for what it cannot find
Like me

Everything seems to be so close
You need just to move a little
The tree yanks the sliver inside itself
Like me

Like a mute long sentence
The water just fizzles
and waits
if it will not answer itself

It prods if it still can touch the bottom or not

It creates waves and it looses them as well
Using lone intonation
it swims between words
Like me

The tree inside itself - inside its trunk
holds the sliver
as if under the bark
the tree has human skin

And branches like a palm
stare into the water
They hang above the surface
They don’t pet any face

The surface gushes wave
wave after wave
What it hasn’t made til now
it will not recover again

Big pile in front of you
But who knows where to start that stuff
The time is endless, man - and still not enough

Still not enough !
Still not enough !


Weight (Tiha)

The weight rambles
inside us
It kicks up
the abject dust

It ferrets
our remembrances
like a scratch of chalk

The weight rambles
inside us
It scouts
where is the limit for it
Where is the limit …

The weight from awakening
The weight of seeming
The weight from unconsciousness

The weight for stifling
The weight of branches
which are broken by weight

The cumulate weight
The straggled weight

The weight from temptation
The luscious weight
The weight of entanglements

The weight for asphyxiation
The weight of things
being changed by their weight

The impatient weight
The persistent weight

The weight pulls down to the ground like a long coat
It grips the heart to each person separately
It says that it will not hurt us
It says that it is created out of our
own palms


Fog (Mlha)

The fog like a mouth
Grows widely
Rolling nowhere at the speed of doubts
To nowhere - but rolling on
Rolling on

To touch each other
By just one sentence
To enter the fog but not to miss
To enter but not to miss
Not to miss

The fog spools white fibre
It wraps itself around us
No wind will ever blow it
Out of our eyes

Nothing will save us from the fog
The faceless fog
Inside itself it dances the waltz with us
With no inviting gesture

The fog spools long fibre
It wraps it around us
No wind will ever blow it
Out of our eyes

Nothing will save us from it
It’s faceless
Inside itself the fog dances with us
With no inviting gesture

The fog smoulders through centuries
Hidden inside their entrails
It will not let go anyone who it already
Grips in its hug

One after the other - all lost
We are waiting for some magic hand
To rip off the veil so
We won´t miss each other
So we won´t miss


Avalanche (Lavina)

The avalanche gushes towards the valley
Nothing, not even words, will slow her down
To go against her?
To beg for her?
No-one can
the avalanche

The avalanche gushes unstopable
Not loving her captives
her icy heavens
above their
frozen heads

The avalanche flows down - snuggles down in herself
Plains all latex white
Someone is always captured in her gentle white
There is always one who isn’t saved

Is he or isn’t?
Is he or isn’t?
Is he or isn’t?

she locks mouth and breath with one turn of the key
She falls asleep shivering on her back
She poses familiar, like any other shell
As she shapes someone’s fate

Is she or isn’t?
Is she or isn’t?
Is she or isn’t?

White lenses in white glasses
Unknown spaces grow

White weeds in white grass
Unknown spaces multiply
and grow in us


While (Chvile)

For a while a story - for a while a wish
For a while to own and for a while to guard
For a while a dusk - for a while an inkling
For a while being bounded somewhere

For a while a smoke and for a while a pipeful
For a while a death and for a while to tinkle
For a while a needle into cloth
For a while wings inside caterpillars

For a while going by ship - for a while walking through the mud
For a while being that where we can´t reach
For a while being that what hides itself surplusly
inside the oversalted

For a while a shame and for a while a breath
For a while to unbend the mercy
For a while a peak - for a while a youngster
For a while a glass in window displays

For a while a sleep - for a while to simmer
For a while a smell - for a while a handcuff
A while of words and for a while a wall
For a while a next one while


Face (Tvar)

My face flows down from my facial features
To the pillow
A slop of uncertainty
Salty human ink-pot

The face discharged into palms
Is sticking on pads of fingers
It fears
That being exposed to light
It will completely flake off

My face flows down from my facial features
To the pillow
Letters of doubts
A frail human primer book

My face flows down from my facial features
To the pillow
It hides itself like the next to the last pages
Of the human calendar

My face flows down
To my pillow
It catches at my palms

It asks me not to move
Saying nothing will ever return
Saying it flows down like a prey
Over wax of anathema

The face is tensioning the spiral
As it hopes to catapult it
It hopes it can flow down the wax of  misery
Like a bubble

The face will sift through my fingers
And just echoes will remain here out
It will return to the unknown
Where it was born

Face to face to myself
I sit with my face in my palms
The examination begins right now

Everyone apologizes their own
Wrong decisions
But the face blasphemes them all


Hours (Hodiny)

Hours drip
Splashing bashfully
on the plate
Fountains hold out their arms
And they flow away

The plate is afraid
That the next drop will be the last
And silently the surface trembles

What ever can happen?
What ever can happen?

Hours burn
Curling the firey-tresses
and melt away
over nothing

The fire is afraid
That it will meet with damp kindling
When it comes to devour
the last one drop

What ever can happen?
What ever can happen?



Speech (Rec)

The years stand in line, not breaking rank
Echoes of the past
Audible in the mirror of speech
When it kneels
on it´s knees

Speech no longer cares
Babling like a drunk
That no one can escape
their past
Speech sends words to death

Seeking solutions through the years
Convinced we’re the last of our kind
Speech, flailing on it’s axis
Begs for oblivion

How speech suffers:
No one can ever understand
The mirror of the future
will reflect only bare bones
Everything drowned in speech

Speech is speechless
Speech doesn´t suit speech
What best suits speech
is what is said with no speech

Speech grows dark
speech nods at me
like an echo
that lies at the bottom of a valley
And, keeps returning
to open old wounds